Press & Reviews

By now, we've gotten a bit more press coverage. Everything from "atrocious" through "mediocre headbanging bullshit" up to "fucking awesome" has been said by now. Listen to it, make up your own mind.

Crossfire Metal, no TLDR
Schafe Schüsse (2019), no TLDR
Review (2019), TLDR: "Hart, schnell und dreckig"
Review (2018), no TLDR
French Metal, TLDR: "French, very favourable"
Pest Webzine, TLDR: "English, 8/10"
Ancient Spirit, TLDR: "German, 7/12"
Hell Is Open, TLDR: "German, 8/10"
Wings Of Death, TLDR: "Dutch, no rating, favourable"
Crossfire Metal, TLDR: "German, 7/10"
The Metal Crypt, TLDR: "English, 4/5"
FFM Rock, TLDR: "German, no rating, favourable"
Burn Your Ears, TLDR: "German, 6/10", TLDR: "German, 5/10"
Pest Webzine, TLDR: A short interview with Mithras.